Gemstone Therapy

 What is Gemstone Therapy?  Sprays have immediate action when sprayed into the auric energy field and tablets placed on specific bodypoints to give the body healing energy for long periods. Our mists can be used to clear the energy of necklaces, people, animals, and rooms (adding to the benefits of Feng Shui).  Each bottle contains a quartz crystal charged by the full moon.

Gemstones can exert a positive influence in a person's life.  Diamond Gemstone Therapy helps to create a space and mindset that is uplifting and positive by eliminating negative influences and energies. By clearing those blockages and obstructions, one can visualize their highest potential to find true purpose.

Gemstones can exert a positive influence in a person's life. Ruby Therapy encourages self discipline and self control. By cooling the mind and increasing concentration, it can be beneficial when dealing with problems of procrastination. Clear your unwanted negative energies and maintain balance by treating the air, yourself and your personal space.

Spray overhead and allow the mist to fall around you. Can be used as often as needed or when your energy is feeling weak and/or sluggish.  Avoid contact with eyes,.  Can be used for the bedroom to clear negative thoughts or feelings and to create a calming and peaceful space for rest, rejuvenation and relaxation.  Mist on sheets around the room and doorways.

Organic Aloe Vera, Diamond or Ruby Elixir, Radish Root Ferment, Leucidal Liquid and EO's