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True Nordic Defense - skin care for a warrior...

True Nordic Defense  has  been created from our own Nordic heritage as
a skin care  with ingredients close to our own roots and that our ancestors would have used.

"You are a Warrior"
Scandinavian women have long been known for their youthful, fresh skin. Research has shown that it comes from the Nordic waters and anti-oxidant rich berries of the Northlands.

For thousands of years, from the the Nordic shield maidens to the present day Scandinavian beauties, these women have maintained their inner balance of health,  flawless skin and happiness.

Scandinavian women have mastered the look of natural skin that results in a smoother, more hydrated feel.

Nevermore Body Company is proud to introduce a system of skin care products called True Nordic Defense.

Our exciting line of Nordic products includes Arctic Chill Daily Cleanse and  Scandinavian Facial Peel to cool, calm and cleanse the skin. Arctic Freeze Daily Facial Lotion and Nordic Cooling Eye Pen with ingredients of Lingonberry extract, Cloudberry seed oil, organic Aloe leaf juice,  Meadowseed extract, White Willowbark extract, and Kelp extract.  All gentle enough to use every day on normal and sensitive skin.

Find your inner warrior with Nevermore Body Company and True Nordic Defense.
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